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Settlement Gauges

Settlement Gauges are designed to measure relative displacements between adjacent monitoring points.
Depending on the typology of the monitored structure and of the distribution of the measuring points,
different model of gauges can be adopted.

ASM-001 Magnet Extensometer
Access tube: 3/4″ diameter.
Corrugated sheath: 55 mm.
Probe accuracy: ±1 mm.
Cable length: 30-300 m.

ASP-001 Settlement Platform
Plate size: 500x500x3 mm.
Rods length: 1, 2, 3 m.
Rods diameter: 3/4″.
Corrugated sheath: 55m.

PID-001 Hidrostatic Profile Gauge
Sensor type: piezoresistive.
Range: 1-2-5-10-20 m.
Total accuracy: <0,2% F.S.
Operating temperature: -40/+60°C.

ASI-001 Multipoint Settlement Gauge
Sensor type: piezoresistive.
Range: 1-2-5-10-20 m.
Accuracy: <0,04% F.S.
Thermal variations: mathematically compensed.

– Monitoring of embankments and railways
– Subsidence of foundations
– Monitoring of earth-fill dams
– Vertical displacement in tunnels
– Settlement of residential and historical buildings