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Rod extensometers allow to measure differential displacements between the ground surface
and one or few deep points to which the rod are connected.
Usually installed where deep subsidence phenomena are to be monitored or foreseen.

EST-002 Borehole Rod Extensometer
Rods: fiberglass or stainless steel.
Number of rods: from 1 to 6.
Manual and/or automated readings.
Anchors: galvanized rebars.

TSP-001 Displacement Transducers
Sensor: linear potentiometer.
Range: from 50 to 150 mm.
Repeatability: 0,01 mm.
Material: stainless steel.

CAL-001 Digital Depth Caliber
Range: 0-200 mm.
Accuracy: ±0,02 mm.
Repeatability: ±0,01 mm.

– Monitoring of tunnel and dams.
– Displacements due to deep excavations.
– Settlements of deep foundations.