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Flat Jacks

Applying a variation of the tension state of a portion of structure or rock mass and measuring the resulting deformations,
thanks to the use of flat jacks is possible to obtain information
about the stress state and the deformability properties of the monitored element.

MAP-001 Flat Jacks
Shapes: semi-oval, semi-circular, rectangular .
Pressure range: 1-2-5-10 bar.
Accuracy: <0,5% F.S..

DEF-001 Mechanical Strain Gauge
Measurement base: 250 mm.
Material: stainless steel.
Resolution: 0,001 mm.
Accuracy: ±0,001 mm.

KPR-001 Hydraulic Hand Pump
Max pressure: 700 bar.
Flow rate: 3,1 cm³/stroke.
Tank capacity: 1,6 lt..
Manometer range: from 0 to 300 bar.

– Monitoring of tunnel and dams.
– Restoration of monuments and historical building.
– Mechanical properties of rock mass and concrete.