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WSD12 – Smart Dataloggers

WSD12 is a line of Wireless Smart Datalogger for data acquisition, gathering and transfer of up to a number of 4 signal channels.
The different proposed models allow to acquire different physical signals, making these instruments adaptable for various monitoring purpose. Some models are already configured for specific monitoring solution.

Generical WSD12 Dataloggers

  • WSD12-4DI: Nr. 4 pulse counter channels.
  • WSD12T-AV: Nr. 3 channels: Outdoor temperature, Current, Voltage.
  • WSD12PS-4AI: Nr. 4 selectable analog inputs: Current, Voltage.
  • WSD12T-DD: Outdoor temperature, linear deformation.
  • WSD12-4D: Nr. 4 channels for resistive potentiometers.
  • WSD12T-Ex: Outdoor temperature and nr. 3 strain gauges .
  • WSD12-VW: Nr. 4 vibrating wire channels.
  • WSD12-4VW: Nr. 4 channels for vibrating wire and temperature..
  • WSD12T-KK: Outdoor temperature, NC/NO inputs.

Dedicated WSD12 Dataloggers

Main Specifications:
– Up to 7 years battery life.
– Sampling Interval: from 1 min to 24 hrs.
– Datalogger Capacity: up to 128.000 samples.
– Radio Coverage: up to 6 km.
– Compatible with: MWDG gateways and WR12 routers.