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Wire Crackmeters

Wire crackmeters can be adopted in the same application as for the electric crackmeters in case the anchoring points are distant or larger displacements are foreseen, such as in monitoring of landslides or rockfalls.
A steel wire, connected to a rotatory potentiometer, can be fixed and extended to two anchoring points at a distance up to 10 meters.

Wire position transducer.
Measurement range: 0 ÷ 4.800 mm.
Linearity: ±0,5% F.S..

Wire displacement transducer.
Inclination range: from 50 to 1250 mm.
Linearity: <0,25% F.S..

Wire deformation, impact, incline.
Deformation range: 0 ÷ 4.800 mm.
Acceleration range: ±16 g.
Inclination range: ±90°.
User manual

– Cracks and joints of buildings and monuments
– Mutual distance between elements of bridges
– Displacement of retaining of tunnel’s ribs and lining
– Structural joints of dams
– Monitoring of landslides and rock masses