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Strain Gauges

Strain Gauges are typically used to monitor the stress-deformation conditions of retaining structures such us: tunnel linings, steel structures, reinforcement bars, diaphragm walls, etc.

BCR-001 Resistive Straing Gauge
Sensor type: full bridge.
Range: ±1400 με.
Accuracy: ±0,5% F.S..
Signal output: mV/V.

BCV-001 Vibrating Wire Straing Gauge
Range: 3000 με.
Accuracy: <0,5% F.S..
Standard frequency: 800 Hz.
Termistor: -20/+80 °C.

– Monitoring of tunnel linings
Dams and diaphragm walls
– Steel structures and pipes
– Deformation of bridges and viaducts