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Outdoor temperature

Measurement of day degree is commonly adopted in case of energy monitoring or in different agriculture applications.
Proposed intruments are designed for acquisition of outdoor temperature and data processing for evaluation of day degree.
All the instruments are compatible with WineCap technology, with wireless communication system and remote data management.

Acquisition and processing of:
– daily medium temperature
– DPR412 degree days
– real degree days
Precision: ±0,25 °C.

Average radiant temperature.
Sensor: Pt100.
Accuracy: ±0,2 °C.
Globe diameter: 15 cm.
Operating temperature: -30÷70 °C.

Irradiation protection screen.
Compatible with WSDM10MiGG.
Material: stainless steel.

Outdoor temperature.
Sensor: NTC10KΩ.
Accuracy: ±0,2 °C.
Battery life: up to 10 years.
Compatible with WineCap Technology.

Main Features:
Easy to install
High memory capacity
Remote management and WSN
– Energy monitoring and agriculture