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IMG Monitoring provides reliable and accurate sensors for a proper execution of inclinometric readings.
Results of measurements executed with inclinometers are indispensable when is necessary to monitor the deformations and the displacements of ground and structures.

SIR-001 Inclinometric Probe
Range: ±30°
Repeatability: 0,003°.
Distance between wheels: 50 cm.
Cable length: 50-100 m.

IFF-001 In Place Inclinometer
Sensor Type: Biaxial MEMS
Range: ±5°/±30°
Accuracy: <0,2% F.S.
Distance between wheels: 100 cm.

STE-001 Test Probe
Probe length: 76 cm.
Weight: 1,5 kg.
Distance between wheels: 50 cm.
Cable length: 50/200 m.

TIN-001 Inclinometer Casing
Material: aluminium.
Internal diameter: 76,1 mm.
External diameter: 86,4 mm.
Bar length: 3,0 m.

– Monitoring of landslides
– Deep excavations and d-walls
– Retaining walls and dams
– Ground displacements after tunneling