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Monitoring of water level and interstitial pressure in ground is necessary in order to evaluate the stability condition
of slopes, deep excavation, tunnels.
Water flow and level can be adopted to analyze conditions of water tanks, channels, dams.

FRE-004 Water Level Indicator
Cable length: 30 – 500 m.
Adjustable sensitivity.
Acoustic and led signal.
Sensor dimensions: 12 x 150 mm.

PEP-001 Resistive Piezometers
Range: 5 – 100 mH2O
Accuracy: 0,25% – 0,5% F.S.
Overpressure: 100% F.S.

MPI-001 Insertion Flow Meter
Range: 0,25 – 6300 liter/sec
Linearity: 0,15% F.S..
Operating temperature: -40/+150 °C.

MPS-001 V-Notch Flow Meter
Dimensions: on request.
Sensor range: 1 m.
Accuracy: <0,1% F.S.
Outpu signal: 4-20 mA.

SLR-001 Radal Level Sensor
Range: 15 m of water
Accuracy: 2 mm.
Output: 4-20mA.
Operating temperature: -40/+150 °C.

PCA-001 Casagrande Filters
Pore diameter: 20 micron.
Filter material: ceramic.
Pipe diameters: 1/2″.
Pipe length: 3,0 m.

– Water level in ground, slopes, dam.
– Interstitial pressure measurement.
– Water level of channel, tanks, rivers.