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Sun radiation

The ANS-RSG sensor is designed for monitoring of global solar radiation, used for estimation of efficiency of photovoltaic systems
Data acquisition can be executed with the WSD12-LVD datalogger.
Compatible with the WineCap Technology for management of WSN.

Global solar radiation sensor.
Range: 0÷2000 W/m².
Resolution: < 8 W/m².
Response time: 25 sec.
Operating temperature: -40÷80 °C.

Wind speed, direction and solar radiation.
Logger capacity: 64.000 samples/channel.
Radio range: up to 6 Km.
Battery life: up to 7 years.
Compatible with WineCap Technology.

Main Features:
Easy to install
High memory capacity
Remote management and WSN
– Photovoltaic and waste dumps