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Load Cells

Load cells are designed for monitoring of loads acting on bearing parts of structures. Values of loads higher or lower then foreseen by the project, could detect an overload or a failure of the retaining elements.

CCI-001 Load Cell for Steel Linings
Range: 1900 and 3000 KN.
Accuracy: <1% F.S..
Output signal: 4-20 mA.

CTE-001 Anchor Load Cell
Range: from 200 to 2000 KN.
Accuracy: ±0,25% F.S.
Max overload: 150% F.S.

CTM-001 Hidraulic Toroidal Load Cell
Range: from 250 to 2200 KN.
Accuracy: <1% F.S..
Working Temperature: -20 to +60°C.

CCC-002 Compression Load Cell
Range: at request.
Accuracy: ±0,2% F.S.
Power supply: 2-15 Vcc.

CCF-003 Steel Ropes Load Cell
Range: 65 KN.
Accuracy: ±0,1% F.S.
Power supply: 2-15 Vcc.
Max overload: 150% F.S…

– Lining of tunnels and diaphragm walls.
– Struts and pile testing.
– Pile testing.
– Rock bolts and anchors on landslide.