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WSD02 – Smart Dataloggers

WSD02 is a line of Wireless Smart Datalogger dedicated for monitoring of indoor ambiental parameters such as: temperature, current, voltage, pulse counter, relative humidity.
They can work in stand alone configuration or in remote real-time modality being compatible with WineCap MWDG Gateways.

  • WSD02T-AV: Indoor temperature, Voltage (0÷10Vdc), Current (4÷20mA).
  • WSD02-2DI: Pulse Counter (2 channels).
  • WSD02-4DI: Pulse Counter (4 channels).
  • WSD02T-KK: Indoor temperature, Dual NC/NO input for clean contact.
  • WSD02T-T1K: Indoor temperature, PT1000 input channel.
  • WSD02TH2-T1K: Indoor temperature, Relative Humidity, PT1000 input .
  • WSD02-TT10K: Dual NTC10KΩ input channel.
  • WSD02-TT1K: Dual PT1000 input channels.

Main Specifications:
– Up to 7 years battery life.
– Sampling Interval: from 1 min to 24 hrs.
– Datalogger Capacity: up to 128.000 samples.
– Radio Coverage: up to 6 km.
– Compatible with: MWDG gateways and WR12 routers.