Geotechnical monitoring

Solid experience in most relevant construction works

Geotechnical Monitoring aims to acquire the knowledge about the behavior of soil, rock masses and structures due to the execution of massive civil works or natural instability phenomena.

IMG Monitoring provides instruments, tools and experience for definition, execution and management of both extensive and local monitoring projects.

Our experience in geotechnical monitoring has been consolidated during many years of supervision of the some of the largest works in Poland and Europe, cooperating with some of the most important construction companies.

We propose Services for a large range of necessities:
Monitoring of embankments
Slope monitoring
– Monitoring of ground water
Displacements of ground
– Monitoring of retaining structures
– Monitoring of tunnels

Thanks to long term cooperation with trusted supplier, we can provide to effective selection of monitoring Instruments such as:
Load cells
Settlement gauges
Strain gauges

Inklinometr Automatyczny


The management of the monitoring system can be integrated with automated wireless sensor networks and Web-GIS platform.
All the data can be equipped with alarming procedure that informs the Client in case the instrument would cross a defined alerting threshold.
The characteristic of modularity of the management tools developed by IMG Monitoring allows to provide and guarantee the same standard of quality also for smaller local projects.