Wireless Sensor Network

WSN Wireless Sensor Networks consists in a network of sensors and logger which records and transfer data to a central station without use of a physical dedicated infrastructure, but just by mean of radio signal.

The radio signal emitted by the single logger can be replied few times by mean of radio repeaters which ensure the communication to the base station (Gateway) even at long distance and in difficult installation conditions.

This modularity feature makes the WSN an ideal solution in particular in case of:

  • Extended monitoring systems, up to few kilometres
  • Difficult accessibility to the point (tunnels, basements, itp.)
  • Extreme elasticity of the system (no cables, drillings, itp.)
  • Fast installation on remote locations
  • Changes in configuration of the monitoring system


The main characteristics that a WSN should satisfy are generally reliability, long radio range, low electromagnetic pollution (even null).

That’s why IMG Monitoring has developed a partnership with Capetti Elettronica, which is able to provide the best performance with its WineCap technology, developed in 50 years of experience in the sector.

The WineCap solution are available for almost any kind of monitoring necessity: geotechnical monitoring, ambiental monitoring, structural monitoring and deformation of roofs, museal and cold chain monitoring.

The WineCap system is completely compatible with the DDS WEB-GiS Platform. The informatic routines necessary for import of monitoring databases have been adequately developed by IMG’s IT in order to ensure the management of the system in real-time modality.