Slope Monitoring

The definition of monitoring system for lendslides depends on its specific features, such as the type and direction of movement, geotechnical properties of the soil or rock mass, and type of activity.
Of course, the impact on nearby existing and/or structures within the construction area should also be considered.

The instruments usually used to monitor landslides are:

Inclinometers: in-depthhorizontal displacements
Piezometers: groundwater level or pressure
Ground benchmarks or prisms: displacement of the ground surface
Clinometers and crackmeters: monitoring of engineering structures in the zone of influence

All instruments can be managed in manual modality, with readings taken at a specific time frequency.

Installing appropriate acquisition units, data transfer tools and software (loggers, GSM modems, total stations,…) allows for an automated real-time landslide monitoring system.

Monitoring Osuwisk

Moreover, synthetic aperture radar (InSAR) interferometry is an important technique for estimating surface deformation processes using sensors installed on satellite (A-DInSAR) and terrestrial (TInSAR) platforms.