Web-GiS Platform

Access to monitoring data at various access levels and in real-time mode is provided by using the DDS WEB-GiS application.
The Web-GIS platform allows each authorized user an access to the project map, which shows all the elements of the project along with the installed monitoring instruments, related monitoring data, documentation and geolocation.

Since 2007, the internal IT department of IMG Monitoring has been developing its own GIS platform.
Applied to several projects, with different specifications and goals depending on the type of project and/or end customer, our DDS WEB-GiS platform is currently equipped with a wide range of tools and customization options.
Data coming from any type of instrument or external database, automatic or manual, can be imported, visualized and shared with the client and designer.

Platforma Web-GIS
Platforma Web-GiS

The Data Module allows for comparative and parallel visualizations of data coming from a selected list of instruments, making data interpretation faster and easier.
The Alarm Module is designed to recognize threshold values, initiate warning procedures (e-mail, SMS), notifications to personalized lists of recipients (designer, client, supervisor, etc.), reports and documentation of alarms.

Data visualization tools such as displacement vectors and contour maps help interpret the data.

The DDS platform is irreplaceable when implementing and managing comprehensive monitoring systems, but thanks to its modularity and scalability, it is also perfect for smaller projects where real-time access to data is necessary.