About Us

Since 2010 Img Monitoring provides consultancy in geotechnical and topographical monitoring.

Started as a branch of Img Italy, in 10 years Img Monitoring has been involved in some of the major European infrastructural projects.

IMG Monitoring is taking part the most extensive monitoring system ever realized in Poland, being involved into:

  • design of the monitoring project,
  • installation and management of instruments,
  • development of dedicated Web-GIS applications for data sharing and management.

Main Projects in Poland:

  • Metro Line II in Warsaw: the longest underground in Poland
  • POW-S2 Project in Warsaw: the longest urban underpassing in Poland
  •  S7 project in Rabka: the longest traditional tunnel in Poland

Img Monitoring new activities. In 2021 we started to produce own branded IMG Monitoring Instruments.
To better follow the requests of our customers we have started a collaboration with manufacturers specialized in precision mechanics, electronics and sensors in order to develop, test and produce geotechnical, structural and environmental monitoring instrumentation.
We are now proud to present our monitoring brand to the Polish market.

System design

We carry out preliminary studies and design the monitoring system required with speed and confidence.

Constant improvements

Continuous development of services and technologies to meet the ever increasing demands.


Specialized team with senior geologists and engineers provides customized solutions for effectively address customer needs.

Img Monitoring is also exclusive distributor for Poland of the brand Capetti Elettronica, a highly experienced company specialized in Wireless Smart Network solutions for environmental and geotechnical applications, energetic and structural monitoring.