Roof Monitoring

Monitoring of deflection of roofs and safety conditions

Several factors may influence the load-bearing capacity of a roof structure. The nature of these factors may be internal or external to the structure itself, may be temporary or permanent, generated by human activity or natural events.
Factors that may affect the load-bearing capacity of the roof:

– Construction of additional elements on the roof – installation of e.g. air conditioning or photovoltaic panels.
– Improper roof design or construction, such as errors in load-bearing capacity calculations or the use of inappropriate materials, can lead to long-term loss of load-bearing capacity.
Accumulation of mass in the form of e.g. snow, leaves or branches can lead to an increase in the load on the roof.
– Bad weather conditions: requent occurrence of rain, hail, snow, strong winds and storms may cause damage to the roof, which affects its load-bearing capacity.
Improper use of the roof, such as storing heavy objects or working on the roof without proper protection, may result in damage.
Corrosion: roofs made of materials such as steel or reinforced concrete may corrode, which leads to a weakening of the roof’s load-bearing capacity.

Each of these conditions may lead to permanent damage to the roof or even change its structure, thus threatening the safety of the surroundings, machines, products and personnel.

Monitoring of roof deformation combined with real-time data reporting tools would make it possible to control its behavior, plan possible repair work and avoid permanent damage or even collapse.
Depending on the structural characteristics and construction conditions, IMG Monitoring can propose personalized solutions, generally based on monitoring changes in roof deflection and inclination as well as changes in the inclination of load-bearing columns.

Data management would be accomplished using the WineCap wireless data management system. The use of WineCap technology ensures:

– easy installation solution
high-performance instruments, specially designed for structural monitoring
without using a cable and without interfering with the existing structure
automated GPRS data transfer to the property owner’s database or to a dedicated WineCap platform
SMS/email notification when the alarm threshold is exceeded


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