Topographic monitoring

Obtain a submillimetric accuracy and real-time visualization of values

Automated topographic systems are adopted in projects where high frequency and high accuracy of geodetical de formation values are required. These systems are realized making use of automated total station for detection of three dimensional displacement of a certain number of target point.

Newest production technology and the experience gained by IMG Monitoring in some of the most invasive european urban projects, allow to obtain a sub-millimetric accuracy for the registered monitored data.
Property informatic tools allow to real-time visualization of values, on-line availability and control of evolution of displacements, automated notification when crossing of defined threshold value.

Remote control of total staton results into an excellent operative solution also in case of monitoring of difficoult to access structures and isolated areas (mines, landslides, dams…).

Monitoring topograficzny

– Tunneling and big excavation in urban area
– Traditional tunnel excavation
– Landslides and rock masses instability
– Dams
– Dewatering systems
– Retaining structures