Inclinometric Readings

Inclinometers are used to measure relative displacements affecting the shape of a guide cover embedded in the ground or structure.
The relative displacement over time is determined by repeating measurements at the same depths and compiling subsequent data.

In most applications, the guide housing is installed vertically to measure horizontal ground movements.
Less common are horizontal installations that use a specialized probe to measure settlements.

Automated inclinometer systems can be installed when the installation site is remote or real-time monitoring with a displacement warning system is required.

Pomiary inklinometryczne
Pomiary Inklinometryczne

Inclinometer measurements can be used in several conditions to monitor various objects and phenomena, such as displacements of slopes, embankments, deep excavations (soil and buildings), tunnel construction, deformations of load-bearing structures (diaphragm walls, retaining walls, …).

Four types of systematic errors may affect manual inclinometer readings (Mikkelsen E.P. 2003). IMG Monitoring has developed its own algorithms for detecting and assessing errors in order to obtain the most reliable displacement results.