Structural monitoring

Safety conditions during invasive projects in urban areas

Thanks to its involvement in very invasive urban projects, which involved thousands of structures, IMG Monitoring gained a large knowledge about monitoring of buildings, bridges, viaducts, railways, tunnels and others.

Our consultants are able to provide the best solution in a wide range of conditions and necessity.

Starting from detection of problematics, analysis of the structure and definition of the risk conditions, we can address to select, purchase, install and manage structural monitoring systems at any level of dimension, from single structures up to extended and massive projects.

IMG Monitoring developed special tools and selected the best technology in order to allow installation of smart, reliable and easy to manage wireless monitoring systems, with the opportunity of real-time access to data and automatic notification in case of crossing of defined threshold values.

– Tunneling and big excavation in urban area
– Traditional tunnel excavation
– Landslides and rock masses instability
– Dams
– Dewatering systems
– Retaining structures