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Legal notes

The documentation, images, fonts, artwork, graphics, music, software and other content of the website, and all the codes and format scripts used to implement the website, are owned by Img Monitoring Sp z o.o. 

The rights to the material on this website are reserved and protected by copyright. The copyright and the responsibility for the signed texts shall be fully borne by the author thereof. The texts published on the Website may not be distributed. All photographs contained in this Website are protected by copyright, and have been made by that owns and reserves all related rights. Said photographs may not be reproduced, stored, transmitted or used in any form or by any means, without the prior written permission of Img Monitoring Sp z o.o. Unless expressly stated, it may not be copied, modified, uploaded, downloaded, transmitted, republished, or displayed for redistribution to third parties for commercial purposes, except with prior permission granted in writing by Img Monitoring Sp z o.o. The content or trademarks of the website may not be used for any purpose other than that expressly stated. Only the title of the news items published may be reproduced, with the link to the text thereof.

In any case, those who intend to use our content, may request to do so by email to

Img Monitoring Sp z o.o. is the owner of the website and its legal head office and management offices are at UI. Swietojerska, n.5/7 – 00-236 – Warsaw.